Gregory L. Heitmann
Screenwriter / Novelist
G MANN Productions

Lakota Chief Red Iron, a lifetime ambassador for peace, works to calm the Sioux revolt of 1862.  Inspired by actual events, the story chronicles Chief Red Iron's influence as well as his family's impact on history in the budding state of Minnesota and the neighboring Dakota Territory.




Fort Sisseton - Dakota Territory

/ Chief Red Iron

Inspired by actual events, Fort Sisseton – Dakota Territorygives you a connection to the Old West in the 1860's Dakota Territory through the story of a U.S. Cavalry Soldier, Sergeant Bryan Sipe, as he battles the elements, renegades, the threat of a restless Indian population, and himself as the frontier is settled.  Sergeant Sipe struggles through his U.S. Cavalry assignment at Fort Sisseton, the gateway to the Prairie.  The Cavalry’s focus is centered on an ongoing battle with former Civil War soldiers now turned outlaws.  These outlaws are impersonating Indians in their attacks as they terrorize and pillage settlers.  Will Sergeant Sipe reach the breaking point when his best friend, Indian Scout Sam Brown, is nearly frozen to death when caught in a freak spring blizzard?  The Western tale is told in parallel to a modern day story of ten-year old Jake, and his Lakota friend, Dominic Little Crow.  Jake and Little Crow have adventures that trigger the flashbacks to life on the frontier as seen through the eyes of Sergeant Sipe.  Find out the details of Sergeant Sipe’s challenges as well as the story behind the modern day friendship of a ten-year old boy and his Lakota friend in Fort Sisseton – Dakota Territory

Red Iron Sculpture by John Lopez ----------------------------------------->
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