Gregory L. Heitmann
Screenwriter / Novelist
G MANN Productions



                                     THE G MANN


The G MANN II:  Pay 2 Play - The G MANN, Gary Hillmann, is a federal government engineer battling bureaucracy while mixed up in a murder-mystery associated with the Governor's pet project, a commuter train to nowhere.


"Dictator For “Life” - DFL is a story that looks at an Iraq War Veteran, Sergeant Gordon Coopermann, a hero and a participant in the capture of Saddam Hussein.  During that operation, Saddam placed a curse on SGT Coopermann.  Five years later, Gordon has left the Army and is a member of the Denver Police Force.  Bad luck still follows him as he attempts to become a Detective.  On the fifth anniversary of Saddam’s death, Saddam’s ghost appears to Gordon in order to make amends for the curse.  With Saddam’s help, Gordon hits the streets to try to solve a high profile case.  Vanessa, Gordon’s fiancée, leaves when Gordon confesses that Saddam is helping him solve the big case.  She insists that he get help for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), but Gordon refuses.  Can Saddam help solve the case and repair Gordon’s relationship?





 Teener Baseball -  The account is based on real events of Greg's summer baseball league experience while growing up in South Dakota.  The baseball league, known as Teeners, is a competitive league for boys ages fourteen to sixteen years old.  The story is a coming-of-age tale that is a cross somewhere between The Bad News Bears and Bull Durham.  This behind the scenes look at a teenage-team's championship run has never been revealed...until now.







       The Way the Ball Bounces



      The Way the Ball Bounces -  High School senior Emily “Beenzz” Hillmann has a dream to play college basketball for the Mid-Dakota State Fightin’ Pronghorn.  Her life plan is jeopardized when she has a run-in with her head coach.  Can Emily get her life back on track in the small South Dakota farming community?


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